Helen now offers therapy based on the work John and Julie Gottman. See www.gottman.com for more information on this type of therapy.

Assessment is thorough and comprises of:
1. Couple interview for 1.5hrs
2. Individual interviews X2 for 45mins each
3. Online individual questionnaireX2 (allow 2hrs)
4. Couple feedback session of results and therapy plan 1.5hrs.

Total commitment for this phase is approx. six hours per person.

The therapy relies on the assessment phase to be fully completed. The assessment phase of therapy will cost $1000.
This includes all face to face sessions with the Psychologist (4.5hours in total), fee for online assessment and scoring and prep time for the Psychologist.

It is recommended that the first session is booked as a 3 hour block to accommodate both the joint session and two individual interviews.

Please ring the office on 90711786 to book.

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